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How to Use a Prescription Discount Card?

prescription discount card

How to Use a Prescription Discount Card?


Using prescription savings cards can help you save money on necessary medications. Instead of wondering how much money you will have to pay for your regular medicines, having a prescription discount card gives you access to thousands of pharmacies nationwide. Discount card companies such as AcornRx have worked diligently to ensure that your prescription prices are significantly discounted by working closely with several pharmacies. With a prescription discount card, you never have to worry about finding the extra money to pay for your medication.

How Do Free Discount Drug Cards Work?

Free discount drug cards are not associated with your insurance company but can be convenient to lower your prescription costs.

With any prescribed medication, you can download a free discount drug card. All that is required is to present the card when you are picking up your prescription. As long as the pharmacy is partnered with your specific prescription discount card, they will give you the specified discount for your prescription.  AcornRx discount card us accepted at over 70,000 pharmacies including CVS, Walgreen, Walmart, Rite Aid and other independent pharmacies

How to Use a Prescription Discount Card to Maximize Savings?

There are many ways that you can maximize your savings with your prescription discount card. The first tip would be to check for discounts at multiple pharmacies. The negotiated prices vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, so you must check before you go to find the best price available. AcornRx also has a partnership with a Health Haven Pharmacy for medication home delivery. They have over 500 medications for less than $10.

Another way that you can maximize your savings by paying in cash. Many people might object to this, thinking they would better use their insurance immediately.It is also important to compare your potential options for a prescription discount card. Several companies claim to have the best prices, but it is also essential to find the best match for you. Your insurance might only work with particular pharmacies, just as a specific prescription savings card might yield better results at another drug store. It is essential to weigh your options and find the best savings for you, rather than just picking the first one that you see.

When you visit the pharmacy, don’t forget to remind your pharmacist to use your savings cards. It is not often, but pharmacists might fail to offer you the opportunity to use your savings card. To get the maximum amount of savings, be sure to provide them with your card and have them check for the best discount available. It will end up saving you ample time and money by remembering to check for the potential savings on your prescriptions.

Asking for increased quantities of your prescription could also save you more money over time. Just as buying in bulk has an incremental discount, there is a benefit to buying more of your medicine upfront i.e 90-day supply. This all depends on the recommended dosage and what your doctor allows for you to pick up, but if you can do so, this could save you money over time and make your prescription savings card even more beneficial to possess.

Finding the best one-stop-shop is also a way to maximize your savings as well. There is a benefit to using multiple pharmacies if you can get more savings in return.

However, to be more efficient and also help you limit the time you spend running errands, find a pharmacy that can give you the best deals for all your medications. That way, instead of traveling around town and using your prescription savings card at three or four different locations, you can use it at one place and save yourself time and money.

How to Transfer a Prescription from One Pharmacy to Another?

If you find yourself needing to transfer your medications from one pharmacy to another one with more savings, the process is more straightforward than you might imagine. The first step is to call or visit the new pharmacy of your choice.

There, you can request a prescription transfer. You have to give your new pharmacy information about all your medications that you desire to transfer. This includes the names, dosage, and Rx numbers that you need. Your information will help them create a record in their system to serve you as a new patient.

Next, give your new pharmacy your old or current pharmacy’s contact information. After this is completed, they will most likely transfer the medication to the new pharmacy within one to three business days. Then, you will be able to use your new prescription savings card and maximize your savings through your new pharmacy!

Transferring your prescription to our partner pharmacy- Health Haven Pharmacy is also easy and straightforward.

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